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Fine Grinding and Powder Processing

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TSK is proud to partner with one of the world leading engineering company in the field of powder mechanical processing. Based in B├ęthune, Northern France, POITTEMILL AND FORPLEX are engineering companies specializing in providing fine-grinding solutions, powder processing and preparation from laboratory to industrial scale. As we design and install our own equipment, we have been able to provide installations for more than 100 years that are tailor-made to customer requirements. Together with TSK as a local representative, we offer turn-key project solution to any powder processing requirement.


POITTEMILL and FORPLEX design and realize turn-key installations that are perfectly adapted to your production requirements.

Each individual solution results from a combination of the technical experience of our engineers in different fields of mechanical powder processing with the results of tests carried out in our laboratory and test center.

Industrial Minerals / Building Materials / Ceramics / Chemicals / Fertilizers / Pharmaceuticals / Nuclear and Energy / Plastics and Polymers / Foodstuffs / Cosmetics / Inks and Pigments / Oil and Gas.


POITTEMILL AND FORPLEX are constantly modifying their processes to offer high-performance systems across their expansive equipment range that correspond to your needs and respect your requirements.

Our specialists are available to help define the best adapted solution for your project. You can find out more about our equipment ranges and technologies from our on-line catalogue.

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Sallhofer GmbH
Light Metal Tubing System

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In 1919 the Sallhofer GmbH was founded by Johann Sallhofer as a tinsmith.

In 1945 Josef Sallhofer and afterwards Dr. Hans Sallhofer gets into the enterprise. The ideas for the mill pipe construction let the mixture of an academic top ranked physicist and the practical person come true during the postwar years in Europe. Several patents were forwarded. These ideas are still ahead till this day. The new production plant was built in Braunau – Austria

The quality is convincing – tradition obliges


  • Fast mounting because of pipe bends with adjustable angles
  • Maintenance free since non-corroding (no lacquering)
  • Excellent wear ability because of high resistance to abrasion of light metal and polyamide
  • Complying with the prescriptions of food control all over the world
  • The good quality of the products and the Sallhofer service is appreciated worldwide

Your Quality is IMPORTANT

  • easy handling
  • plug and play Installation
  • good price performance ratio
  • adaptable to other tubing System